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Have you ever wanted to get started with affiliate marketing but didn’t know where to start? In this post, I’ve got you covered. Today we are going to discuss what is affiliate marketing. How to get started with affiliate marketing. Different affiliate marketing programs, best affiliate marketing courses, and more. With this method, you can make money online without breaking the bank. let’s get started.

What is affiliate marketing?

Have you watched any YouTube videos or visited a website? creators have links to products or services. You can help support their channels or websites by buying through their links and they get a percentage of the sale.
The creators are middlemen. They get paid a commission based on the sales they make through their links. Affiliate marketing is referring people to a product that can help them solve a problem. then getting a cut of the sale of that product.

Making money with affiliate marketing

Many people make a living from affiliate marketing. There are many ways to sell products online but this method is one of the easiest to get started. An advantage of affiliate marketing is you don’t have to stock inventory. This means you don’t have to deal with exorbitant storage fees, shipping, or delivery times. You send the customer to the product and the seller will do the rest.
Another advantage of affiliate marketing is recurring income. How would you like to be paid every month for something you did five years ago? That’s recurring income. In affiliate marketing, you could refer a product that has a monthly subscription and get a commission every month when the client is billed. All this while having no inventory or having to worry about customer service.
Affiliate marketing can become a full-time living depending on how you approach it. It also depends on what products you are promoting. The methods you are using to promote products as some methods are more effective than others.  People today are more inclined to watch a video than read an article. You could promote products using a video medium such as youtube or vimeo.
You have to also consider the audience that will buy the product you are trying to promote. Will what you are promoting solve their problems or are you promoting products to make a quick buck?. If you want to make money long-term with affiliate marketing you have to think long-term. If you only promote products to only make money people today can pick up on that. There is a saying that goes people hate to be sold to but they love to buy.

Best affiliate marketing courses

The best way to learn affiliate marketing in my opinion is an affiliate marketing course. There are some great courses out there where you can get your feet wet and learn how to make commissions online. You can do this without searching the internet for bits and pieces of information. Learning in a structured format is the best way to get the skills you need. Below I will list some beginner-friendly affiliate marketing courses and discount codes, where possible for you to get your feet wet.
  • Affiliate marketing mastery course by Stefan Pylarinos.  I’ve been following Stefan for years now. He is one of the most consistent and knowledgeable persons when it comes to making money online. He has multiple online businesses and makes six figures. You can also follow his journey on his youtube channel project life mastery. This guy is one of the most transparent on the internet so if you take this course know that you will be getting quality information. The best part is his courses get updated with new information generally at no extra cost. With the link below you get lifetime access to the most current information on affiliate marketing. This makes it worth the asking price of $997 Discount code:
  • Super affiliate by John Crestani cost:$997 ranked 4 out of 5 stars on course ranks. According to affiliate are channel listed here. this is not a very good system to start learning affiliate marketing. The overview is that you make money by promoting the super affiliate program, as with any course you should always do your research before you start any business. Take this review with a grain of salt as he list Crestani’s haircut as a reason he doesn’t like the super affiliate system. All things considered you should not expect to buy one course and become successful at affiliate marketing overnight. The reviewer does admit that the system is not a scam as Crestani doesn’t lie about how to make money with affiliate marketing but that most of the course content can be found for free on youtube. My view is that it is better to learn from a dedicated course than from bits an pieces on the internet. If this course is not for you particularly because of the price range you can check out the section: Affiliate marketing courses on udemy for more affordable courses.
  • Making sense of affiliate marketing by Michelle Shroeder-Gardner.
  • Affiliate Secrets 2.0 by Spencer Mecham.
  • Launch your blog biz by create and go.

Affiliate marketing courses on udemy

If you are starting out and you are low on cash here are a few affordable courses that won’t break the bank. When looking for a course you want to ensure that it is updated in the last 3-6 months as you do not want to be paying for outdated information. Here are a few courses on the udemy platform that can help you get your feet wet.
Clickbank Success-Affiliate Marketing without a website on udemy by KC Tan
SEO: Amazon Affiliate marketing +SEO by the SEO Academy leaders in SEO
Beginner affiliate marketing to start in 1 day-For 2021 by Alex Genadinik
Aliexpress Affiliate Marketing: Zero to Hero by Chiranjit Kumar Das
Affiliate marketing and organic SEO in 2021 by Tim Godfrey, Digital Success Network.
Start your Affiliate Marketing Business-100% for 2021 by iMarketXL,Max Cord
Youtube affiliate market mastery 2.0 by Brian Guerra
These are among the most top-rated courses on udemy right now. They are considerably cheaper than the other courses listed in the best affiliate courses section. The cherry on top is you can get a massive discount on these courses by using the links above.

Best affiliate marketing programs to join

Amazon affiliates program is the most well-known affiliate program in the world. But it may not give the best commissions. In this section we will discuss some of the best affiliate programs to join based on commissions, success rate, ease of sign up and more.
Here is a list of ten affiliate marketing programs you can join today:
  • Clickbank affiliate program: This is an online marketplace that specializes in digital products. Products such as ebooks, software, workout programs. Anything that can be delivered digitally is usually found on Clickbank. Clickbank connects creators who sell products with marketers willing to promote these products. You can sometimes get commissions over 50% on this platform.
  • Amazon associates: everyone knows Amazon and that they sell a lot of products from ebooks to lawnmowers you can find it on amazon. They are a global powerhouse when it comes to shopping online. They also have an affiliate program where you can earn money if someone buys from a link you promote. The advantage of promoting Amazon products is that you are not pigeonholed into promoting one type of product. You can promote tech products if you see fit. You can promote accessories, clothes even gardening tools. Also although Amazon associates may not offer the best commissions. It boasts one of the most trusted names in the online marketplace. That trust can take you far when you decide to promote products with affiliate marketing.
  • Shareasale: It is not as popular as Clickbank or Amazon associates but it is still a platform where you can still make some commissions.
  • eBay partner Network: eBay is a popular platform where you can buy and sell goods, some of the strangest things have been sold on ebay. This means you can promote some niche products that you may not find anywhere else.
  • PartnerStack: This is another affiliate marketing program where you can make money online. some people report making $100 and up a day on this platform. it is a relatively young affiliate platform and was founded in 2015. It is backed by investors such as 3L, Whitecap Venture Partners, Harbourvest and RRE Ventures. The platform works similar to clickbank where you refer digital products and platforms and get a commission for your work. From an objective point of view the partnerstack interface looks a little less cluttered than the clickbank interface, but you are essentially doing the same thing by promoting links to get a commission. if you are interested in how to use partnerstack here is a video that gives a brief overview of what the interface is like, touches on referals links etc. click here for the video. Also if you are interesting in signing up for partnerstack you can use this link(put affliliate link here). full disclosure I get a commission if you sign up.
  • Fiverr: This is a service-based online platform where people perform gigs to get paid from five dollars and up, hence the name Fiverr. You can earn commissions by promoting gigs.
  • CJ affiliate: If you want to become an affiliate of this website you can go to to sign up but first lets talk about some of the features of this affiliate program. sign up is pretty easy, you just go to the website click on sign up and you will be asked to enter the following detail: language, country, email and password. Verify your email and your ready to go. When you sign in you will see your dashboard showing messages, tasks, performance summary and products to promote. to view products to promote click on advertisers and there will be a long list of items for you to start making commissions. If you want to promote a specific item you can search by advertiser and keyword.
  • JVzoo: This affiliate marketing platform has been around for some time. it is like Clickbank in that the main focus of the website is digital products.
  • Rakuten Linkshare:
  • Aliexpress: This platform is owned by Alibaba. It has become really popular over the last few years because of its vast array of physical products. Their name has become more trusted in the marketplace and they have an affiliate program that you can join. If you find that sites like Clickbank are not for you or you may live in a different country this may be for you.

Best affiliate program based on commissions

You may be surprised that the best affiliate program to join by commissions is not amazon affiliates.  Sites like Clickbank can offer the opportunity for you to earn recurring income. That is if someone signs up for a product that is billed every month you get a cut of the monthly sales as long as they stay subscribed to the product.
The Clickbank affiliate program can allow you to earn higher commissions than Amazon because of these reasons:
Although Amazon does sell digital products the vast majority of Amazon sales are from physical products. This means that the cost of the goods has to factor into how much commission you get.
Clickbank on the other hand is mainly focused on digital products. Products such as weight loss programs or overcoming addiction. The advantage of a digital product is you can sell it over and over again without running out of inventory. This way you can achieve upwards of 50% or more on commissions this way. With digital products, you only have to create them once and they can be sold over and over again.
You can even sell on Clickbank without having a website. You can sell digital products using Microsoft ads.

Free ways to learn affiliate marketing

Free affiliate marketing tips

If all else falls and your budget is super low then you can try learning affiliate marketing from these youtube channels. Free methods might take you longer but most times the information is the same. Please note however that the best way to learn is by having a structured approach. This way you will be able to learn effectively and will implement methods faster. Without further ado please see below our list of free affiliate marketing channels and specific videos you can learn from if you are severely strapped for cash:

Santrel Media-Affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners(2022)

brief overview: Free is the default way to go if you don’t want to invest a lot of money upfront and risk losing it.


How to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program

In this section, I am going to share with you the step-by-step process of how to sign up for the Amazon Affiliates program.
Three things to note when doing Amazon Affiliate. The good thing is that if someone clicks on your affiliate link, they don’t buy at the same time. If they buy anything on Amazon in the next 24 hrs you will still get a commission. This is made possible by tracking cookies in the user’s browser.
Another thing is that you need to make at least three sales in the first six months of signing up for the affiliate program. Otherwise you will be kicked out of selling in the program. You can reapply under certain conditions though.
Thirdly and this is very important you must have a website, youtube channel, or some other means of promoting your affiliate links.
Step 1: Sign in to your Amazon account
Step2: Open a new tab and search for the Amazon Affiliate program
Step 3: Click on the join now for free button.
Step 4: Fill out the requested information in the forms presented.
Step 5: There will be a verification code sent to you for you to confirm.
Step 6: Enter payment or tax information.
Step 7: Set up a payment method, do you wish to be paid by cheque, bank account, or other option.
Here is a video that can give you a visual representation of the sign-up process.


The best affiliate marketing courses for beginners are the ones that will allow you to get started for little to no money. Starting this way can lower your risk. The caveat is you will have greater returns if you invest in a solid course that will take you from beginner to expert. By taking a step by step course you will have a greater chance at success.
Affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon Affiliate or clickbank are the most popular . But there are many affiliate programs available to join to start earning commissions.

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